The Port Susan Farmers Market THANKS YOU!!

We are planning for a longer, bigger market in 2013.

More info to come!
How do you picture Stanwood
/Camano twenty years from now? A traffic jam of cars, strip malls and housing developments? More people commuting out of town to work every day, even with super-high gas prices?

Is it possible to
maintain our agricultural heritage and create local jobs and prosperity, while maintaining our small town community and values? If you share this passion, help us create The Port Susan Food and Farming Center!
The Center may contain the following, according to your business or farm needs:

Commercial kitchen, bakery, bottling facility, dehydrators, freezers or other food processing equipment. Farmer's market, food co-op or shared retail space. Business incubator to assist with marketing, distribution, etc. Resource center to match needs with services, and more.